Руши Видинлиев - Away from you lyrics

Руши Видинлиев
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Away from you
Stop!Right now
ringing my cell ringing my front bell
I am not
at home I just wanna be alone
It don`t mean
I`m messin` around getting`down da`ran down
you`re crazy
that`s why I must get...

Припев: Away from myself
away from you
away from the things that remind
me of you
Away from your touch
Away from your kiss
Away from the things that
remind me of all this

Please, baby
what is this shit you`re
bring` on?
You need to
start chillin` with that attitude
I wanna be
free to do whatever I want to
this must be
the reason I must get


Why ya bein` so crazy
can`t you see I`z yours baby
but yourself now in my place
realise I need my space
this can`t go on anymore
this ain`t what I`m looking for