Руши Видинлиев - Local Time lyrics

Руши Видинлиев

There's a bigger picture, come and take a look yeah
There's an open field shadowed by the city yeah
There's an impulse interrupted by routine yeah
There's a perfect chance to think outside the box yeah

This ain't no religious song
And I ain't saying what's right or wrong
So won't you come along?

Local thinking
Time is ticking
I think it's time to move on

There's the radio playing back the same track yeah
There's a label placed when things are unusual yeah
There's another point of view to bear in mind yeah
There's a feeling you and I are not so different yeah

I'm contemplating flying off
To see the world from a distance
I'm motivated by your love
And the thought of new existance
I find my place under the skyline
Because you show me what's above it
And when my mind is set to local time
You reset it

There's a thing or two that I still have to learn yeah
There's a thought, I better start moving yeah