Руши Видинлиев - Never Stop 2 Rock lyrics

Руши Видинлиев
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You Know My Name
Don`t Really Think I Need An Introduction
And What Is More
I Sure Don`t Need No False Reproduction

I`m Takin` Shit
I`m Takin` Shit From Noone
You Hold Me Down
You Hold Me Down To Break Me

But I Don`t Break
`Cos I Don`t Have A Fool`s Misdirection

Wha`ch`ya Looin` at?

I`ll Never Stop
I`ll Never Stop 2 Rock
I`ll Never Stop
I`ll Never Stop
Till I Get Enough

Don`t Give A Fuck
I Can`t Think Of A Better Revelation
My Attitude
Reservers The Right No Further Explaination

I`m Gonna Do
I`m Gonna Do What I Want
I`m Gonna say
I`m Gonna Say What I Need

And What I Need
Is Not To Deal With Your Preconception