50 Cent - Killa Tape Intro lyrics

50 Cent
Guess Who's Back?
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New york city...
You are now rockin with 50 cent..
Are you ready?
[Gun click]
I said are you ready?
See you wit me nigga?

Paid for a hoofy but I wanted a drop


Somthin new

Im not that nigga in your video
Im not a trick I dont love tha hoe
and Niggas know, I be on the low
but I miss my dawg
and I twist my drawer
Im not that nigga that you think you know
I walk around with a big fo-fo
You front on me im gone get at your dawg
I be at rite are your crib, right at your door

What up 50?

Coming up i aint have much, but i wanted alot
I had paper for a hoofy but i wanted a drop
so you know, I had make somthing outta nothin
Like turn an empty spot into a crack spot pumpin
im so hard at nine-teen I bought a benz, I did.
The older niggas wasnt really feelin the kid
Try to find where I live so they could run in my crib
but you cant hustle a hustler I peeped it and slid
Back then, Niggas used to call me bo
At six months I told them "Million go tops on Gar-bo"
Country came around, hes into clapenin
country left, same shit started happening
Like "He shot