50 Cent - So Amazing (feat Olivia) lyrics

50 Cent
The Massacre
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Summer,Winter,Spring and Fall
I'll be around to get you're call
Cuz you're my baby, you're my baby
And I adore you
You always brighten up my day
I never, ever let you wait
Cuz you're my baby, you're my baby
And you're amazing, so amazing, yeah

50 Cent
And I'm from city to city, show to show
See me out there grindin' across the globe
It's so hard to get the grit fo sho
So when I make time to call ya you should pick up the phone
Tell me, what's on you're mind when you're alone
How you're touchin on yourself girl on in the zone
Now, if I turn you on, with things I say, Would I be wrong
I wanna be right
Matter of fact I'll be on the next flight
Come to get it on with ya tonight
Do the things you like
Touch the right spot
Have you pipen hot
While the wind blow through you're hair in the drop
Just lay back, relax to the sound of the sex
Now just let me do what I do until you climax
We can go straight to sleep after it's all over
In the morning roll over.....?


50 Cent
I called just to say hope you're havin a nice day
Especially, I get into you, oops I mean I'm into you
Every chance I get I find time to spend with you
....on you're tummy just to watch a movie