Angel - Just The Way I Am lyrics

Believe In Angels Believe In Me
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Hey you
Whatcha gonna do
Get out of my way cos the girl's coming through
I'm proud i'll say it out loud
Never sitting pretty
Standing out from the crowd

If I want it
I'll get it
Better give it up, cos you're never gonna stop me
Having my way
And I won't change no matter what you say

That's just the way I am
I do it just because I can
Anything I want to
I'm not gonna ask you no
You better understand (I'm gonna make a stand)
That's just the way I am

Hey yeah, you say it's not fair
I'm breakin' boys hearts
And I just don't care

So what, if I take it too far
Waking up the neighbors
Crankin' up my guitar

If I like it, i'll do it
Lock me in a cage and i'll break right through it
Baby it's true
I won't change no matter what you do.

I'm frustrating
Taking a left when everyone else turns right
Me and my girls rockin' the house all night
Never know when
I'm gonna blow your mind

Drive you crazy as I'm takin' the floor
You'll keep coming back for more.