Angel - Mama's Little Girl lyrics

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Here's a little story
‘bout a girl I know
And this is how the story goes

Never fitting in
That was the life she chose

All the other girls gotta be so mean
Always try to bring her down

Whisper and a stare
Whenever she's around

But now its changed
Never new what she'd become
She's not the the same
(yeah yeah yeah)

They play their games
And call her names
And break her self-esteem
They didn't know
In time she'd grow
To be a beauty queen

Mama's little girl likes teasing the boys
Gottem all on a string baby just like toys
Never gonna change no you better not try
Cos mama's little girl
Likes to make the big boys cry

Yeah she got it going on and
No-one's gonna stop her

Mama's little girl likes teasing the boys
Yeah mama's little girl likes to
Make the big boys cry

Now she walks by
And she catches their eye
She's looking fine
But she's making them wait
Making them stand in line

And all the other girls
Wanna be her friend
Funny how it turns around
She's got it all
She's the one that's laughing now.

And what she wants
Is what she takes
There's no more playing shy

For all those years
And all those tears
No matter how they try

She lines them up and knocks them down
And kisses them goodbye.