Bad Examples - Promises In The Dark lyrics

Bad Examples
Bad Is Beautiful
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I was 23 and living in the city
I met a long-legged blonde on Friday night
It was a head on collision of passion
We made wild-eyed, loose-lipped love all night
On Saturday we went out dancing
I could see she wanted to be free
She said, "Darling, I'm sorry to leave you this way..."
I said, "How can you walk out on me?"

She said, "Hey, hey, my, my, what's the story?
How can you say I broke your heart?
Someone as old as you should never look for the truth
In promises made in the dark."

Well, I went back to her apartment
I waited all night in my car
When she got there I said, "Hey you can't take him to bed!"
She said, "Who in the hell do you think you are?"


When her boyfriend pulled out a revolver
I smiled and I said my farewells
Love can take you to the sun, love can take you to the moon
It's not worth getting you killed