Bananarama - If lyrics

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Do you believe
In what you see
I need to know cos you come and you go as you please
All I'm asking for
Is a little more
Just do a little bit more cos I need to be sure

Hey hey amor
Give me what I'm waiting for
Come on come on encore
I'm waiting for you

(chorus x 2)
If I gave to you
A kiss out of the blue
Would you tell me
Would you tell me
Our love is true

No ain't no use
When you know the truth
You can try to resist me but you're gonna lose
Ain't no big deal
We can make this real
All you gotta do is just do as you feel


(chorus x 3)

Ain't no big deal
Just do as you feel
Just do as you feel
No big deal
(x 6)

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