Barathrum - Soaring Up From Hell lyrics

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Ive bin waiting , to come up !
Posses the people by my demon thaughts !
And all this evil , that is in me !
Let it free , let it free demons come to me !
I am raising , from hell , I am walking my dear grave !
I am standing , on the hills , blood is raining let us take it all !
If i do , what you have tod me to , you well let me to the earth and i will fill it with hate ! I will posses everyone ! Let hell break through it will be fun !

Chourse :

Plesure of seing people dying !
Plesure by bringing theme fear !
Plesure by seing theme suffer !
Demons flying in the air ! COME !
Plesure by seing , theme crying !
Plesure by seing theme lost by dispise ! HELL !

I am flying in the air , like satan and his evil friends !
I will haunt , for the flesh !
And the human bodies that i will posses !
This is my story ! Evil story ! How i made this filthy damn earth fell !
I was trapped , in time , now im back i am soaring up from hell !

(Evil screaming)