Fabolous - This Is My Party lyrics

Street Dreams
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(intro: fabolous)
hey-hey-hey-yo (3x)
Hey-hey-hey-yo (2x)
Hey-hey-hey-yo (2x)

(verse: fabolous)
aint no tellin what this hip lowered do to me
im feelin like i can do what i want now
dip-low immunity
shorty! just shake you hips slow and move wit me
take a hit a this a sip slow and thoroughly
youre sneakin out on you man tip-toein to the V
cause i know you got him whipped though like wannabe
lets put on a live strip show just you and me
but girl, im lookin at them lips tough like who is he?
they aint never seen a whip, clothes or jewelry
so when i ask you "you wanna leave the zip-code?"
say "sure" and be me
but this is my party, survive if ya want 2
ya'll can stay home but why would u want 2?
We gon' party, till we laid in graves
Sweat out our doobie braids and waves
Then scream "hey-hey-hey yo"
That groupie made her wait
Cause when she seen the whips and chains
She started talking 'bout she ready to be made a slave, c'mon

(chorus 2: fabolous (2X)
this is my party
so get fly if you want to
get high if you want to cause i know you want to
put your hands up as high as you want to
and if it feels good scream "hey-hey-hey-yo"

(verse: fabolous)
i dont know about yall
but we doin it over here
all the glasses got liquid that brewin it over here
cigars got somethin sticky thats glueing it over here
ladies movin it over there movin it over here
i can fit a few ina rovers rear
we havin a good time dont ruin it overs this
you see why we asks is to see ID
cuase girls will do anything for some VIP access
Me i relax this (easy)
cause im used to ballin
you could tell that these guys need practice
but if it was a problem then i would confront you
you saying "over" bet ya i say "you want to"
but a pitcher that probably slugs, pitches and talk a put
i ride wit the top down and switch to the top-up look
would youi believe most these bitches go bop up shook
their asses pokin out like them picture in pop up book

(chorus 2)

(verse fabolous)
oh yeah! wes off the richter scale
hate will get you, put in coffins quick as hell
if the ladies would show it off and thick as hell
for my hustlers knockin off them bricks as well
and everybody, up north thats sick in jail
i probably fell yall send you all of the flicks in the mail
the street family speed off six SL's
to all them chicks at yale " hey-hey-hey-yo"
shake your glasses back and forth to mix it well
shake your asses back and forth as fast as hell
and just from lookin at them thighs from the front view
girl i know that these guys say they want you
if i wake up in the sand clothes from yesterday
same hoes from yesterday
lightin clips to the same dro from yesterday
her hangovers yesterday
you aint mistaken we in benzs today
but we had them range rovers yesterday

(chorus 2)

(ourtro: fabolous (to fade)