Funkmaster Flex - Freestyle - Michelob lyrics

Funkmaster Flex
The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes Of Funk
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[Funkmaster Flex]
Yeah, big shout to my man Michelob
Big shout to the Sound Pirates
Sixty Minutes of Funk, Volume II
Funkmaster Flex, let's get it on

To the ladies.. five boroughs
Baby don't stop.. what you're doin
Baby don't stop.. (feelin you) what you're doin
(feelin you) Baby don't stop.. what you're doin
Baby don't stop.. (five boroughs) what you're doin
(make em dance to this) Baby don't stop

She weighed about a dime and plus, eyes filled with lust
Body parts make my CK's bust but can't touch
She's out with the next man, spittin out grands
He puttin jewels on her hands, that cost like land
I can't compete he got shit on the street, my dough's week
Got you laced in the illest of suites, Gucci sheets
So far from us, your hazel eyes front lust
or is it all these blunts, that be makin me nuts?
You got me feelin you, sweatin on your New York tone
I could be healin you, sexin you when he ain't home
A intellectual, baby we could start with the phone
or we could smoke some trees, like the birds and bees
Got me hot like gunshots, stuck like traffic
Drippin like Dom P, girl you so freaky!
Move your body round like a sex machine
But honeydip wants nuttin but the green

Baby don't stop.. what you're doin
Baby don't stop.. what you're doin
Baby don't stop.. what you're doin
Baby don't stop.. what you're doin ..

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Funkmaster Flex - The Mix Tape, Vol. 2: 60 Minutes Of Funk lyrics