Incantation - Unto Infinite Twilight / Majesty Of Infernal lyrics

Diabolical Conquest
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Upon the mountain apex, reeking of zealous malevolence
Stench of hellish pandemonium,
trembling, decaying divinity

Overshadowing supremacy, horns of rapturous damnation
Destiny unto immortality, repulsive catholic delirium

Defilement, false atonement, celestial skies descend
Unto infinite twilight
Arises the ibex moon, abhorrent prophecies

Stench of hellish pandemonium,
trembling, decaying divinity

Our destiny has arrived, everlasting hedonist rhapsody

The endless eclipse, the endless ecstasy...
unto infinite twilight

Mournful apocalypse, forbidden visions
Sacrificing the once-bastardized soul
Strengthens our vitality
(Freeing our souls unto infinite darkness)

Majesty of Infernal Damnation

The mountain apex, we hear its mournful call
A calleth of triumph, a calleth of blasphemy

We are one, falling from grace
We are one, our souls, our body, our torment

Our triumphant majesty of infernal damnation
Upon infinite twilight!
Unto infinite twilight
Overshadowing supremacy