Jack Ingram - Barbie Doll lyrics

Jack Ingram
Hey You
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J. Ingram/T. Snider

I see you looking and I know what you think
You’re getting braver with every drink but
I am telling you something you need to know

She may look like a sweet young thing
Talking to him but she ain’t hearing a thing
If you were smart you’d turn around and let her go

That girls�a Barbie doll
A Barbie doll
She' real good-looking but she' got no heart at all

She puts on her makeup and drives to the bar in her
Boyfriend' old man' brand-new car
She' got no idea what she does or why

She does whatever she wants I guess
Whatever comes first or whatever looks best
Nobody I know has ever seen her cry


You should have seen her last Saturday night
She had a friend of mine treating her right
She was hanging on him until she found a better deal

You should have seen how cold she got
My buddy asked why and she said why not
Nobody I know swears she' even real