James Taylor - Johnnie Comes Back lyrics

James Taylor
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All last week and half of today
Johnnie has been a good little girl
Trying to keep her devils at bay
Watching her health return
But she always comes back for more
Hanging her head and banging my door
Johnnie comes back again

I said, Johnnie remember
Oh Johnnie be good
"Please give me some medicine man"
Oh Johnnie comes back again

Where'd she get that tear in her eye
Whoever said she could leave me
Where'd she learn to say good-bye
She's been watching too much T.V.
She only shows up for meals
My medicine chest and my automobiles
Johnnie comes back again

- Chorus -

Me I'm just an evil demon
I'm playing on her weakness
Counting on her sickness
To bring her home again

To use me up and to rob me blind
I guess it shouldn't surprise me
Fighting and flashing like a fish on a line
My God, she must despise me
But she always comes back again
Now it won't be long 'til she's gone again
Johnnie comes back again

- Chorus -