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James Taylor
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JT on Sony.com: Ananas is french for "pineapple". The song translates itself as it goes along. Don't play it for anyone who actually speaks french.
Pineapple est Anglais pour "ananas". La chanson se traduit en courant. Ne jouez pas pour ceux qui parlent actuellment le francais.

Je t抋ime encore
Means I love you still
C�st pour toujours
Means I always will

Tu me manquais trop
Means I missed you too much
Je fait ce qu抜l faut
Means I'll do what I must

Me voici ?ta fen阾re
Tous tes gens me voient ici
Here I am at your window darling
For all your people to see me

Ananas laisse moi une fois
Laisse moi te voir
Let me one more time, ananas
Ananas, I'm lopin' along hopin' you're home
Open up and let me on in

Maybe I rise and maybe I fall
Maybe you lie underneath it all
I ain't got nothin' but for what you see
Even my own heart don't belong to me

Got your river running in my blood
Got your fire burning in my heart
You got me falling like a shooting star
Just like some tragic work of art


Here I am at your window baby
For all your people to see
Howling like a dog on the moonlight
Won't you have pity on me