James Taylor - Sun On The Moon lyrics

James Taylor
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In line, in line, it's all in line
My ducks are all in a row
They do not change, they do not move
They have nowhere to go

I've been talking to a friend of mine
He says making money's just a waste of time
He's a lazy gent, he don't pay no rent
He's all bent out of shape from living in a tent
It's hard to hear what he has to say
'Cause everyone around me is just the same way:

More, more, daddy gimme some, gimme some
More, more, daddy gimme some more

Some kind of funny looking money machine it is
Saddest looking people that I've ever seen
Living in a hole, body and soul
Strung out on the company dole

One for a nickel and two for a dime
Time may be money but your money won't buy time

In line, in line, it's all in a line
My ducks are all in a row
They do not shift, they do not move
They have nowhere to go

Me and my flea we were down by the water
Fell in a hole with Superman's daughter
Living alone, chewing on a bone
Pretty as homemade sin
She had to be high by the look in her eye
Her hands were wet and her mouth was dry
The sun on the moon, the sun on the moon
The sun on the moon made a mighty nice light

Bow wow wow, honk your horn

In line, in line, it's all in line
My ducks are all in a row
They do not change, they do not move
They have nowhere to go

Sometimes I'm hungry, I don't know what to do
You can take a taco to Katama too

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