Jeannie C. Riley - My Man lyrics

Jeannie C. Riley
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He's gotta SHY kind of a smile and when he smiles at me I CURL UP all warm inside
Yes he's got me right where he wants to
And I wouldn't trade him for the King of Siam
Oh my no MAM', NOT my man
He's got a birddog and her name is Ruby
And when I watch 'im leavin' to get a goin' huntin' on Saturday
To my eyes and my heart they paint a picture pretty as the Rembrandt
Oh world you would be dark without my man
He sees the world through a little boy eyes
And that makes the world a wonderous place to be
And to be with him all the days of my life
Is the taste of heaven that he's givin' to me
If the neighbors get sick or just need a helping hand
He's always there cause he doesn't know the meaning of can't
He's got a special BREATH of life to see and understand
And I sure am thankful for my man
I sure do thank you Lord for my man hmm thank you Lord for my man