Jeannie C. Riley - Things Go Better With Love lyrics

Jeannie C. Riley
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The neigbor next door looks worried her face looks tired and hurried
And she just told me that she couldn't go on
The man she married for money has found another honey
And that great big nice house has just become an ice house
And she gets tired of staying all alone
But things go better with love things go better with love
It's made of something nothing else is made of
Things go better with love things go better with love
And life is much more fun when you're in love

Well I wrecked your new car last week last night it rained and the roof leaked
But the rain on the window pane made a soothing sound
In any situation we've got a firm foundation
When it's hard to pay the mortage why we don't mind the shortage
Cause we've got all that love to spread around
Cause things go better...
Things go better...