Jeannie C. Riley - Part Of Honey lyrics

Jeannie C. Riley
Yearbooks And Yesterdays
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The teacher said it's time to think about the annual fate
To be put on that scene sponsored by the PTA
Most of you have seen the script and now the question is
Who would like to play the part of honey
The part calls for a lady who was beauty wit and charm
Who falls in love with Jerry Walsh of Merry Meadow Farm
In the end they marry and go off to see the world
Now who would like to play the part of honey
[ harmonica ]
The hand of Sally Jordon slowly raised into the air
Other members of the class all turned around to stare
For Sally Jordon was a poor girl it was plain to see
She could never play the part of honey
The teacher just pretended that she didn't see a hand
Instead she picked the daughter of a very wealthy man
Poor and pretty Sally sat there holdin' back her tears
She wanted so to play the part of honey
[ harmonica ]
The play went off without her and as graduation came
Sally Jordon went away and they forgot her name
But Sally Jordon never did forget the high school play
She didn't get to play the part of honey
One day there was news about a movie in the town
People came to see it for a hundred miles around
For there was someone in it that the population knew
Sally Jordon played the part of honey
Perhaps the moral of the story's neighter here nor there
For beauty is as beauty does and wit and charm are airs
When all has been considered it's difficult to tell
Just who it is that fits the part of honey