Jennifer Lopez - Get Right Featuring Fabolous lyrics

Jennifer Lopez
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guess who
J to the LO
F to the a-b
Ooh yea ooh yea ooh yea
I aint Mr right,im MR Right now (ooh)
I keep women in thongs, comin' along (ooh)
Invisually set stone, some of them prone (whoa)
I can tell u aint never had someone this
one night, have'em hummin my song like hmmm, hmmm girl!
u aint no i was comin this strong
now u no not to cover me wrong
i get right Uh!!

verse 1

Your lookin' just a little to hard at me
Standin' just a little to close to me
Your sayin' not quite enough to me
Your sippin' just a little to slow for me
No doubt your playin' real homie
Got me thinkin' wat is it u do for me
trippin'(trippin') a little more than i should be
So let urself go and get right wit meee...

Im about sign u up
we can get right
before the night is up
we can get right

get right,(we can get right)
get right, (we can get right)

imma about to fill ur cup
we can get right
before the night is up
we can get right

get right (tonight)
get right, (we can get right)

(ha-ula- huh, ha-ula-huh, ha-ula-huh, ha-ula-huh)

verse 2 (jLo)

Ur lips, talkin' bout i play to much
can't a woman take advantage of wat she wants
my hips movin' oh so slow (so slow)
bar tab lookin like a car note (car note)
all i need is u here right by my side
take wateva u want, baby lets ride
and watever u wont do, let me decide
just put ur name on tha dotted line....


so much we got to say, but so little time
and if tonight aint long enough, dont leave love behind
(dont leave this love behind)
baby take my hand, i'll show u why....


(whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,whoa!!)

Its slim, wit the tilted rim or 20inch rims,
rocked up wrist watch, 6inch timbs
button up shirt cuff, wit the french trim
so u can tell a man, get to the right (oh!)
Im in tha drivers seat, u sit to tha right (oh!)
and dis is jus' to get to tha flight (oh!)
I like the way i fit to ya tight
so imma show u the world, in a day for it even get to tha night
im lookin' for a dime
but i dont need a penny tho
any old wannabe Jenny-Lo....NO!
plenty tho and theres plenty more where come from
im the real talk where i come from (OH!!)

jLO ~~~chorus X2~~~