Jeremy Jordan - Do It To The Music lyrics

Jeremy Jordan
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Do it to the music, yeah... I wanna do it to the music..Do it to the music..yeah...

Let's watch us making love, From the mirror up above.. Now you really feeling good, And if i missed I think you should, Tell me what you undone, and if I go, don't you run, Take words mind in music, I wanna do it to the music..

CHORUS: I wanna do it to the music, And I can't wait till we do it, 'Cause it's fascinate my mind, Just like you.. I wanna do it to the music, I wanna do it till we lose it.. Girl you really turn me on.. Do it to the music..

Girl you know the half, I wanna watch you take a bath, Now you really feelin' good, You know you make me float the wood, We'll go room to room, You play the bride I'll be the groom, On a honeymoon tonight, That's why I wanna do you right..

I love it when you tell me to.. Slow it down, take my time, 'Cause your lovin' ain't going nowhere.. Till we do it to the music, baby