Jeremy Jordan - My Name Is J.j. lyrics

Jeremy Jordan
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Hello baby, just in case you didn't know, my name is Jeremy Jordan...

CHORUS: People can I get a J, then you add an E, like my heart got an R, now can I get an E my mind, now back to the J, now can I get an O, like my heart got an R, and Yo, can I have a D-A-N

All the fellas grab a girl, wiht the biggest behind, and if your dancin' at a party, Make sure she knows how to grind.. if she doesn't have a girlfriend, I know she won't mind, My name is Jeremy Jordan, come on everybody let's unwind...


All the girls grab a guy, their bones hangin' real low, grab a black or a white one, it don't matter how they let you low, make sure get a thunder, make sure it ain't wrong, My name is Jeremy Jordan, come on everybody sing my song...


RAP: I'll be slow..hey ya'll the J is here, so have no fear, Jeremy Jordan is the name, 73 is the year, Chicago born, break and torn, Try to step to him, You've all been warned!! (people can I get a J) to the E-R-E-M-Y J-O-R-D-A-N don't even try, nikey knock physical or best believe that he can do it, some on girl friend let him run.....

Repeat CHORUS till it fade

I'm outa here ya'll... PEACE!