Jerry Reed - You're Young And You'll Forget lyrics

Jerry Reed
Unbelievable Guitar And Voice
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I know that it would make you cry to find that I had gone didn't even say foodbye
You'll hate me for a while because I promised love and left you just regret
But I know that I could never be the kind of man that you have in your mind on me
Though you said we must part it would break your heart
But you're young and you'll forget
You're young and I know time will help you find a perfect man who really love you
And not a man like me who's like the wind and must be free
But a man who's worthy of you
For I could never settle down to just one way of life
One woman and one town so sad to part this way but you'll be glad someday
For you're young and you'll forget
[ guitar ]
You're young and I know time...