Jessica Simpson - You Put Your Faith In Me lyrics

Jessica Simpson
Sweet Kisses
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When I see you there
I? so aware
Of how lucky I am baby
Cuz I don? deserve
I don? come close
To understanding baby
The logic of your kind of trust
It amazes me
That someone like you
Would care enough
To just believe

Your faith in me
It pulls me through
When there? nothin around
To hold onto
When I fall
When I? weak
All the strength that I need
Is your faith baby
Your faith in me, oh

Even when we fight
I get along
Cuz our love is real baby
It? like salvation to my soul
Cuz that? how it feels baby
It? a sacred thing
That I keep close
To carry on
And I know that I will be alright
And you?l heal it all


You make me feel I can walk on water
(I can reach the farthest star)
And nothin comes against me
Safe within your arms


Bridge: X 4
When I fall baby (oh)
When I? weak baby
All I need baby (all I need is your faith in me)
Is your faith in me

Your faith in me