Nakedheart - Calling lyrics

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Can you hear me are you listening will you think of me in the long run
To leave the void only by choice to change to feel to be precise
Will you leave me or be predestined for control

Oh we waste our time thinking we will find out
Oh we waste our time can't you hear
I'm calling it's for you

Well have you peace in this present age decipher wisdom of a sage
To die to gain gain is to live follow your heart and I'll see you through
You know I'm calling I know you hear me you might foil me ya can't ignore me
Its watchya need can'tchya don't leave it underground

Something is wrong and it's stepping up atchya
It's bases loaded and you've stepped up to the plate
For you to bleed is to recieve life and you can expect to win it all

Win back your past win in the present take hold of your future
And let it all be forgotten