Nakedheart - Limb lyrics

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Actions and intent are often mistaken in place
so hard to understand the meaning of each
follow the signposts for success

yet out of reach left all alone
Cut the vein your soul is crying for help
One word to calm the troubled soul

The spear pierced his side as the masses they jeered
Bones shredding his back and it's us who's to blame
Indents in the skin true life was revealed
All forgiven through a risen Saviour

Look in a mire for that silver coin
Look for perfection in an imperfect world
Solutions found with one word to calm the soul

There's nothing left to do there's no more words to speak
All has been said all has been done
So come on and open your eyes
Out on a limb out on a limb for you
There's nothing more than what he gives