Nakedheart - Rise Or Fall lyrics

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Put myself in a void I can't fix
I've turned my back oh my don't I know it
Toiling cancerous vile within me
Suffocates and starves my brain I can't see straight
Forgot to tow the line once again
I'm dozing I'm falling fast behind
This day gonna make damn sure that my life measures up to my stand

Rise or fall stand to the call we are the ones who will stand tall
through the lies yet still in flight we are the ones who will stand tall

Send this masquerade spinning set axis winging I'll spit this vile right out
Suffocating from the back of the throat cuts like a knife with innocent blood
I cope sick of the lies? Come get some
I've had a life full of flight yeah I know ya want it it's fine?!
No it's not fine! have a look around now tell me life is ok

Had life's trip now I'm letting it slip for a life that's been renewed
been born again a new mindset is bred I've chosen to live again