Randy - Robot Joe lyrics

No Carrots For The Rehabilitated
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How come i always end feeling so fine the shoppings done i'm waitnig for my turn. How come i always end up in the slow line how come i cant reach the cashier. It seems to get somewhere i'm gonna have to cheat to say i just want the paper, That excuse is to obsolete. why does the easiest things become so complicated. And then the trickier things sometimes so highly overrated. For example i can completly understand the workin' of a motor though it sucks But sometimes i can't figure out i may sound stupid but who the hell steals my socks. I'm always one sock short coming out of the washing machine. If this is some sign or something can no one tell me what it means. It's all a game it's all a game with players with wierd sense humour that moves us about and as the games remains the same we all try to get what it's all about. After living for a while there is some answers i like to know. How can it be the small mysteries that remains unsolved. Please can someone tell me why guarded kettles never boils. But as soon as you turn your back and forget you've got the shit all over the stove. This bad luck or karma is more than i deserve all this little things are getting on my nerves .