Randy - The Guide To Judicious Thinking lyrics

No Carrots For The Rehabilitated
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You know what they say that the best things in life is for free and maybe that's right but the proverb doesn't fit in on me. To get what I want I have to work everyday there's no other way for me whith my kind of luck I don't get anything for free. So leave behind all your high hopes and forget just what it means to be a free man in this hushed society were they value a quiet figuration. A pacified thought well conducted behaviour and control endogenous outflow please refrain from that here how the hell do they want me to act do they want me to dissapear. Spontaneus manifestions of life and idealistic thoughts seems to be a condemnable sin so in the cradle the nightmare begins. A child should be raised with the knowledge that bad luck will dominate the rest of the life will dominate the rest of the life and there is no such thing that metch the words wonderful time. A desperate expression can't smile no more. A lifetime spent working never botherd to ask what for. Free your mind open your eyes. The guide to judicious thinking.