Randy - Where Our Heart Is lyrics

The Rest Is Silence
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This whole system where freedoms marked as cash, made for and by the established, it equals white male upperclass. Instead of make our resistant evident speak out and then strike back. We make the bastards stronger when we are quite and bust our ass. When the corporations own everything it makes us easier to control. and then what about the opposite gender, complexion they have it harder even now, Will they count at all? Instead of equality we get bigger gaps, instead of freedom we get cash. Instead of putting our mouth where our heart is and cut the leash, we attach. This time it's a part of society, this time there is a certain enemy. This time there isn't any body else. This time i will put the blame on no one but the white male upperclass. This whole system custom made for such pigs as the ones who got a lot of money but still dont have to pay more tax. When it comes paying the taxes they claim that one size fits all, but the low income earners get x-large size and the capitalists get small.