Sage Francis - All Word No Play lyrics

Sage Francis
Still Sick...
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AUTHOR: Sage Francis


Verse One:

Who wants to play a game? /
Game Boy /
Boy George /
George Bush /
Bush pie /
Pie plate /
Plate Tectonics /
Catch my continental drift /
Driftin' /
Inward /
Word play /
Play time /
Stop quick /
Quick pick /
Pixie stick /
Stick shift /
Shifty eye /
Imus in the Morning /
Mourning the death /
Death Metal /
Medal award /
Award winning /
Winning vote /
Vote for the lesser /
Service myself /
Self-sufficient /
Sufficient funding /
Dingoes eating my baby /
Bees Wax /
Wax on Wax off /
Awful /
Lawful /
Falafel wraps /
Raps off beat /
Beat poet /
Poet Lauriet /
"It doesn't look like an ice sculpture, or�quot; /
Orbit /
Bit the culture /
Culture clash /
Clash of the Titans /
Insecure /
Cure for cancer /
Sir, yes, sir /
Serbian attack /
Tactful /
Full of shit /
Shitzu /
Super hoe /
Hoe Hoppin' /
Hop in the van…sure /
Sherbert /
Burt and Ernie /
Knee pad /
Pad lock /
Lochness Monster /
Stir the Madness in a Cup /
Couple /
Pull your weight /
Wait on her /
Herpes /
Peas porridge in a pot /
Pot luck /
Luck of the draw /
Draw bridge /
Bridge the gap /
Gap teeth /
Teeth marks /
Marxist /
Sister Act II /
Too much love /
Love handles /
Love handles itself /
It's selfish /
Fish and chips /
Chips paint /
Paint brush /
Brush with death /
Death Wish /
Wish upon a star /
Star struck /
Struck gold /
Gold plate /
Plate Tectonics /
Catch my continental drift /
Drift inward /
Word Play /
The Non-Prophets /
Cuz some emcees are all word and no play /
Some rappers are all DAT and no DeeJay /


Verse Two:

This is Sage Francis /
Francisco /
Co-Dependent relationship /
Ship wreck /
Recollect /
Electoral vote /
Vote me into Senate /
Knit picky Joe Beats /
Joe beats off to Asian porn /
Pawn Shop /
Shop of Horrors /
Horoscope /
Scope the premises for records /
Kids incorporated /
Rated X /
Extremely dope /
Dope smoking /
King Tuttenkhamen /
Common practice /
Disaholic #1 /
Won the battle, lost the war graffiti bombin' /
In the event of an emergency /
Seek helping hands /
Han Solo /
Low profile /
File for divorce /
Divorce court /
Caught cheating on your progress report /
Port Authority /
Delightful /
Philander /
Reliable /
Bologna /
Neanderthal pandering whore /
Hormones make whores moan /
Mona Lisa /
Lease a car /
Car phone /
Phonograph /
Graphic language /
Language Arts /
Arts festival /
Voluptuous tone /
Tone Loc /
Location /
Shin guard /
Guard your Grill /
Grill piece /
Peace pipe /
Pipe line /
Line backer /
Back 'er up /
Uptown baby baby baby baby, uh! /
Another one bites the dust /
Dust mite /
Might an emcee want to bust a mic? /
Michael Jackson /
Son of Sam /
Samson /
Samsonite /
Night of the Living Bassheads /
Head south for the summer /
Somersault and fall /
Into your Winter Wonderland /
Where bed springs sing this song�/
Cuz some emcees are all word and no play /
Some rappers are all DAT and no DeeJay /
DeJay Perseus…break it down like THIS! /


Verse Three:

We are the Non-Prophets /
Fitzgerald Ford /
Four door /
Door prize /
Prize winning ticket /
Ticket stub /
Stub my toe /
Tow truck /
Truck Turner /
Turn her off /
Off base /
Basic /
Sick of drug-free /
Free Mumia /
Ya' gotta' pick your battle /
Battle cry /
Cry Baby /
Baby Huey /
Huey Lewis and the News /
News at 9 /
1980 /
87 was the year I saw the Run's House Tour /
Tore your green card apart /
A Part Time Sucka with no job /
Job-core /
Correlate /
Late pass /
Pass me by /
Bypass /
Pass the time /
Time passes slow /
"Slow Down…you little hooker" /
Hooker T. Washington /
Tinted window /
Doberman Pincer /
Pinch 'er ass /
Assets /
Sets the mood /
Moodswing /
Swing Low Sweet Chariot /
Chariot of fire /
Fire water /
Water log /
Log Cabin /
Cabin Fever /
Throw ninja Stars of David /
David Letterman /
Let 'em inside from the snow /
Snow cone /
Coney Island /
Lyndon Johnson /
Sinbad /
Bad dog, no! /
No play and all word /
My flows spray awkward moments into the airwaves. They're altered /
Altered Beast /
Beastiality /
Decreased /
Creased Lee jean /
Gene pool /
Pool hall /
Hallmark /
Mark of the beast /
Beastie Boy /
Boy-loving priest /
Priesthood /
Hood rat /
Rat bastid /
Did you know heaps of hoe freaks /
Peck the wood so much they're left with broke beaks? /
I chuck the bird so far they're left dangling from phone lines like old sneaks /
So don't sleep on what your soul seeks. It's Sage and Joe beats

Cuz some emcees are all "word."

(Game Over)

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