Saliva - Call It Something lyrics

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Emmy was a school gem
and she shot the shit with the best of them
and she used clean needles when she can
and if that veins down use another one
Sancitfied rich girl
with her daddy's kisses
and her mother's pearls
and she played dumb
and played hard to get
and it worked until they found her dead
We all go down and hit the ground
Lezy was a teacher
she had 30 kids and they were all a peach
and then a space man came along
took her hand and led her home
Came home drunk from town and he took his gun and he shot her down
and the judge said that he could not believe that a man would kill his family
We all go down and hit the ground
and you gotta call it something
cause it always ends up nothin
for you to see that time goes on.