Sanctifica - The Wanderer lyrics

Spirit Of Purity
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[Lyrics by Jonathan]

Oh this painful path. I try to walk but am
forced to fall. Again and again lashed by this
whip of twisted truth that perverts the minds of millions.

Master, come with your strength. Master,
come with your empire. Master, embrace my soul.

This path that I walk has been walked so many times.
And many are those who wander with me. I don't know them and
neither do they know me.

This path is the path of confusion and
bitterness. There will be forks, I know, where
I must choose which way to go, whom to follow.

I met many who claimed the smaller path to
be the better. Yet most men seem to choose
the other. And who knows whether I will be
able to change my mind.

Come with your strength, with your empire.
May your righteousness embrace my soul.
Guide me on my path so I may never fall.
Protect me on my wandering.

Cause darkness has lost it's weight by the
blood of the holy Son. For whose is the kingdom?
The power and the glory? Forever and ever,