Sanctus Real - Nothing To Lose lyrics

Sanctus Real
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Give love one to another and
Give love one to each other
We'll be fine
We'll be fine

I feel alone, I feel so cold,
When I'm apart from you for just one night.
You keep me alive, feeling fine
When I've got something as good as you inside.

Got nothing to lose, been hanging in twos,
But I need something to get me through this.
Been hanging in twos, got nothing to lose,
But I need you to get me through this.

There's no better time
Than when I find you in a feeling
And know I'm doing alright.
Nothing to hide, just to confide
When I've got something as good as You inside.

What the world needs now
Is a little know how
To turn itself right upside down

One to another,
One to each other,
And we'll be fine