Sarah Slean - Untitled (madeliene) lyrics

Sarah Slean
Blue Parade
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should our story end
with this aftermath music,
my broken french?

heal her,
if you can
pray the lions aren't waiting,
take her hand.

i want to be brave,
i want to be brave,
but the night goes up in flames
the courage we need,
a fury to tame this madness,
this madness,
this madness....

and no more will i count the dead,
bending, gathering words he should've said
and night falls and scrapes its knees,
we watch the houses on fire,
and she says to me,

"i want to be brave,
i want to be brave,
i don't think i'll love again....
the dark is so deep,
i lost my way in this madness,
in this madness,
in this madness....

and over time, luck runs out
and fate is not your friend
over time, good must go
and were we safe,
safe yet?

can i escape again?
out of the dragonfly jar,
am i safe yet?