Sense Field - One Small Step lyrics

Sense Field
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we're working so hard
building hives to keep us alive
always moving on
it's the nature of the creature
out across the seas
and into space
we will pollinate the worlds
as yet unknown
building homes so that
we can roam the faces
of all the beautiful places
in shiny silver trailers
strapped in and looking for traces
there's craters
filled with sand
and lakes down under the wasteland
in shiny silver trailers
they'll all have similar faces
in the beautiful places
where a mind can wonder
and a man can wander
the wild blue yonder
the light beyond her
there's something out there
so don't you be scared
because it's in all of us
and all of our religions
the scientists and teachers
looking for the unmoved mover
and when they have the dream
and find the genius gene
they built the great machines to take us home
to the distant stars
I know they're far
it takes sunshine a long time to find
a nice place to stay
that's just like ours