The Stereo - One Day, Someday lyrics

The Stereo
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a part of you, a part of me
one gets it wrong
the other bleeds from lack of affection
now i don’t see the attraction
will you wait?, will you stay?
or will you walk away?
i can’t expect too much from you
with all of what you put me through
one day, someday
i'll find a way
one day, someday if at all
without a plan, without a doubt
i try to figure out
just what it is that makes you sad
when i fail to learn then it makes me mad
i'm hanging on, i still have hope
but i may never know
just what it was that made you leave
i swear i must be blind not to have seen
you brought this on
you made it hard for us to speak again
god only knows what you were thinking
i do my best to be myself
i don’t want anybody else
only a fool would fall for you, not in a million years
i guess that i'm the biggest fool of all