The Stereo - String You Along lyrics

The Stereo
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i'm sorry i hurt you
what i did was wrong
i didn’t want to step on you
maybe you could see to forgive me
if not i understand, i'll be a man, i'll work on it
no one but me
cause it just doesn’t matter
alone in deep
cause it doesn’t get better
it' wrong
when i string you along i go on and on and on
i told you that i never listen
you’re never here
i'm never there when you need me
baby what can i do? you mean everything to me
but you’re not at fault
my heart was broken before we were involved
had i not run out on you
you might be miserable
let' take some time and talk it through
i want to stay close to you
be able to talk to you
as long as it' cool with you
it' cool with me too