The Stereo - Turn Off Your T.v. lyrics

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turn off the TV and sing
we look lost, where to begin?
step outside the cage in your head
the station's wrong, the frequency dead
somehow this seems
like a hollywood blockbuster scene
like a football team
but it's not a good thing at all
it's a sign we cannot read
turn off the radio now
we don't know why or know how
how this could be
like a nightmare on your street dream
like a friday 13
but it's such a waste of our time
it's a mess that we can't clean
feel the urgency
say it's allright this emergency
and wonder what it means
so stay in tonight a just watch TV
so what do we need
it's the same out of date harmony
like some tired melody
and it's such a waste of our time
it's a mind without a dream