The Stereo - Devotion lyrics

The Stereo
Three Hundred
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if you have a moment to spare for me
if you need a friend that I will be
if you need some company then call me
if you wanna see a bad movie
if you still believe you can trust me
if you need a hand to hold
there, look down by your knee
no matter what you’re going through
no matter what you did or said you’d do
no matter what it is, I will help you
if you make a call I will dial 9
if you’re short on bus fare I will drive
if you need a warmer coat here take mine
if you want I'll get down on my knees
and if you stay I'll get you your own key
if you need another dying wish then you can kill me
if you have a stain I'll shout it out
tell me all your fears and have no doubt
if you need some privacy I will get the hell out
if you’ve lost your watch I have the time
and when you have the time I've got the perfect crime
if you need a car to stall you can kill mine