The Stereo - There Goes My Mouth Again lyrics

The Stereo
Three Hundred
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pack up your things tonight
this trip may be long but it's alright
painful to recognize
but it's not something you should compromise
there goes my mouth again
when the words go too fast and my sentence won't end
there goes my feet again
now I'm running to protect beliefs I defend
running out good excuses again
guess what I'm thinking, it's not what you're thinking
it's not even what you might have thought
I've done some thinking about you
there goes my life again
put on hold to pursue my intentions intent
there goes my mind with that
now you got everything that I have it's a fact
you got everything but the point is exact
not again I told everyone I'm gone
I said that before but was always wrong
not again I told everybody but it won't be long
as the story unfolds
time will tell all its tales and the truth will be know
someday after I am old
I will look back and say with some pride that I know
I can't help but smile when I tell you I'll know