The Stereo - You've Got Some Nerve lyrics

The Stereo
Three Hundred
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you've got some nerve showing your face here
you've got no business being this near
I tried so hard to make things right
I tried so hard but I just can't fight
cause there is no other way
cause you just can't stay away
so long to common sense again
you've lost your mind, you've messed it up again
don't call, don't write, don't bother me
don't think that we're still friends you just don't see
and I turned around things are upside down
but I don't know what it means
I try to figure out what it's all about
and how it all relates to me
oh we're bottled up inside
our problems amplified
wake up in the morning and no one else is home
to hold us when we're feeling left alone
say something anything at all