The Swift - He's Making Sunshine lyrics

The Swift
The Swift
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You're making the sunshine.
You're turning the winter to summertime.
You bring out the blue skies for me.
You're bringing my darkness into the light.
I can't believe my eyes when I see all the things that You do.

The way You move, it thrills me.
Your hand, Your touch, Your love, They knock me me down before they fill me.
And I don't see how You still love me.
You give me life and I don't know why but I love the way You move me.

You silence the madness,
And turn my morning to gladness.
I could never be happy without You.
You're the only one I know,
That can move me from crimson to whiter than snow.
You've taken my old ways and given me new days.


Blue days are all of them gone.
Nothing but blue skies from now on.