The Used - It Could Be A Good Excuse [demo Version] lyrics

The Used
Maybe Memories
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Blind on a ledge, not a thing, not a...
Road of broken heart, not a thing. Not at all

You know...
Of things we hear, nothing's there.. nothing.
She said "Why do you watch me?" said 'why?'
You know..
Maybe a good excuse not to give a fuck.
But I... Care For You. Said alright.
Could be a good excuse.

Full of love, just returned, just when..
You lied, it hurt and your pride... your pride.
Hurt pride.

And it is... not a thing...not
It hurt, Nothing. And me.
It is...these games are nothing

Maybe a good excuse not to give a fuck
But I...
But I don't want you. And don't want me.
These. games. are nothing.