The Young And The Useless - My Feelings For You Exist No More lyrics

The Young And The Useless
A Smile Is No Good For Me
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My whole life is tearing at the seams, I try to do something but I can't.
Your actions silence what I think and what I say.
Close my eyes and wish for a better place.
The walls are closing in,
your thoughts have sealed my fate to the point of no return,
punished for one mistake.
Here I am accompanied by loneliness and regret, laughter turned to tears.
It's too late now.
You told me that things were going to be better,
and like the fool I am I believed you.
My feelings are strong, I can't put them in words,
I try but I can't, you never listen and I'm sick of it.
So I'm faced with a choice.
Should I stay or turn around?
I hope I don't make the same mistake as last time...