The Young And The Useless - I'd Like To Think I Am Still Immature lyrics

The Young And The Useless
The Young And The Useless
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There's a constant struggle between my flesh and my spirit,
I'm searching for the things I think I need to be happy.
There is nothing I hate more than the feeling I get
when I know I missed an opportunity for something great.
If this next year goes as fast as the last five
then we better start taking advantage of our time.
It seems that my words only travel as far as the tip of my tongue.
If I could get your attention for just one second
I'd let you know how grateful I am that your a part of my life.
I pray for strength to keep my head up when no one seems to care,
it's hard for me to accept the fact that this past summer was my last,
the thought of me not being a kid just blows my mind,
and the thought of losing friends tears me inside.
I'll do my best to keep you from slipping
but sometimes things happen that no one can control.