Warrant - Sure Feels Good To Me lyrics

Rocking Tall
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Well Suize, Oh Suzie
Come on and let me in
There's love in the air
Love on my mind
Love in the pores of my skin

I worked real hard, all week long
Kept on singin' the same damn song
It's one for the money
Two for the show
Paid on Friday and I'm ready to go

And if I'm wrong or if I'm right
I don't give a damn tonight
You bring out the worst in me
Huh, cuz you might be bad
But shure feels good to me
it sure feels good to me
Sure feels good
Sure feels good to me

You think i'm outrageous
You think i'm insane
But everything I'm doing tonight
I'm doing it screaming your name

Suzie, Oh Suzie, open up the door
We wont be able to walk tomorrow
So we might as well do it some more

You bring out the beast in me
It might be dirty and it might be bad
but it sure feels good
sure feels good to me
Yeah, sure feels good to me