You Am I - Who Put The Devil In You lyrics

You Am I
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I got too much on my mind
Yeah so play that thing in a different style
Caught on a hook and a line
Yeah thicken, use and drive me outta my mind
So I'm down
So punch me in the decals
And see which of my teeth tells
The honour of thieves is hard to prove
But who put the devil in you?

I got too much on my mind
I cross my chest to keep myself in line
Willing the water from wine
I've wasted years looking for somewhere to hide
Lookin down...
Just kick me where the sun shines
And now we're on for hot times
And bashin out to hammer the blues
Yeah who put the devil in you?

I'm finding out where my head's at
Like loose change in a laundromat
It chews me through
From Dallas Crane to Motley Crue

Oh...ooh ooh... ooh ooh...

Yeah but I know
Just why I'm masquerading
And why my tracks is fading
And bash out to hammer the blue
Who put the devil in you?

ooh ooh... ooh ooh...

I hit on the speed in my shoe
Who put the devil in you?

Cause you know we're going out there again
Just throwing my trust to the wind
We're gonna beat this damn thing to the end
Then kiss it off