You Am I - Jaimme's Got A Gal lyrics

You Am I
Sound As Ever
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Jaimme's got a girl
don't think things are gonna be the same.
He aint coming out and drinking tonight.
think he's gonna change his name.
We can't work it out.
He aint punching walls anymore.
I'm aint gonna wake up now
find you on my floor.
A game's a game, you don't want it being the same
But you sure aint like you were yesterday
But go on and try it
And if it's true, it just aint my place to say
But you sure aint like you were yesterday.
Go on and try it.

Phone sure sounds dead
my pocket sure feel tight
The things I promised not to do with you today
I sure need to tonight.
But it's all working out
just like they said it would be.
You aint gonna fall on my floor
from now on it's just we three.